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Specials and Updates

The farm will be  closed for the winter months starting November 2. We will reopen April 1 2012 with greenhouse vegetables and herbs , pansies ,perennials, and other bedding plants and hope to begin picking out door vegetables by the mid May.

 This year the farm stand has been a distribution point for Cape Ann Fresh Catch

A Community Supported Fishery Established by the Gloucester Fishermen's Wives Association (GFWA), MIT SeaGrant and the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC), Community Supported Fishery program, or CSF, is a collaboration of shore side residents and the local fishing community. CSF members give the fishing community financial support in advance of the season, and in turn the fishermen provide a weekly share of seafood during the harvesting season to shareholders. A CSF reconnects people to the ocean that sustains them and builds a rewarding relationship between fishermen and shareholders. They are also offering a winter share  that will be didtributed at the farm.Please contact them for a share at.











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