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    Here is a partial list of what I grow and offer when in season  

bulletLettuce...iceberg,romaine,boston ,red and green leaf, salad bowl, batavian ,chicory, escarole and radicchio May-November
bulletSweet corn...bicolor, yellow and white from mid July to October
bulletTomatoes... many types from modern hybrids to cherries ,plums and heirlooms. Late June to October
bulletGreens...Swiss chard, spinach ,dandelion ,celery, kale, collards, mustard, turnip,tatsoi, mizuna, raddichio May to November
bulletHerbs...thyme, chives ,mint, sage ,arrugula ,basil ,parsley ,dill, rosemary, cilantro  June to November
bulletSquashes...zucchini, yellow patty pan, cousa, July to  mid-September
bullet butternut, acorn, pumpkins September -November
bulletPeppers.. Bell ,Italian, St Nicola, many hots , jalepeno, chiles,  habaneros etc. July to mid September 
bulletEggplant...round  ,long ,oriental ,green ,lavender ,Sicilian ,little fingers ,white Mid July to mid September, wax Kentucky wonder ,Roma ,shell, French and Italian pole Mid July to mid September
bulletCarrots, beets, onions, scallions, Mid July to October
bullet Radishes, broccoli, cabbages cauliflower Spring and Fall
bulletCucumbers, pickles Mid July to mid September
bulletAnnuals and flowers... all sizes in packs and pots ,geraniums and perennials, vegetables and herb plant starters Spring - Summer
bulletField grown zinnias and cut flowers July -September
bulletAlso Eggs from Bedford Mass and fruit and berries from local growers

Though I am not  organically certified, I farm in that tradition.  I try to use sustainable farming techniques whenever possible. I use cover crops and plastic mulches with drip irrigation to minimize soil erosion and I am  using more organically certified fertilizers and soil conditioners. No persistent chemical herbicides have been used on the growing fields for more than 15 years.  To control pests and diseases I use early the I.P.M method of pest control, (Integrated Pest Management). This method emphasizes early  detection ,prevention , crop rotation and companion planting and minimized spraying with safest possible pesticides.. I have found that most vegetables need little or no spraying . While in the greenhouse or at crop emergence outdoors , seedlings or young transplants may need to be protected from insects or disease and the foliage may have to be sprayed, preferably with an organically certified product . Once established in the field, crops such as lettuce ,swiss chard , dandelion, kale ,collards, and other edible greens and herbs are not sprayed;  they are free of pesticides. I try to not spray any edible portion of the plants even with organically certified pesticides. The same holds true for the tomatoes, squashes, peppers , eggplants and beans. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my growing methods.