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connietrudy.jpg (77302 bytes)   Some of Frank and Ton'ys children 1920's ( Gertrude, Angie, Alfred,Lavinia,Mary ,Lavina

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Granfather Guiseppe Busa during his visit to the farm in the1930's With some of his grandchildren and holding Joe Frank , Joe Frank standing on the truck and with his father Frank



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 1950's Rosina with Dennis , Trudy and niece Mima , Rosina Dennis and Trudy  ,Tony, Dennis and Trudy


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Late 1950's                                                                Francis

Joe Frank and Dennis

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 Dennis 1962               Wayne and Fran       Trudy and Connie 1966

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1959 Romano family arrives from Italy, Easter 1962 Fran, Dino,Dennis,Connie,Trudy,Maria Fran and Dino




1980's Emily                        Jessie and Emily                      Emily,  Rosina , Jessie


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