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              Plowing in the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties

This is a photograph of John plowing either in the late twenties or early thirties, and the one used for the logos and sign in front of the stand. The wide angle lens of the camera has distorted the perspectives and distances  in the picture though. The horse was a midsize plow horse and not nearly as big as it appears here. Reed's farm in the background is also not as close as it appears. The barn at the far left was actually much farther back and joined onto the milking barn ,the structure in the damaged area of the picture with the minaret type tower on its roof. Both barns are gone now but Reed's house and the one across the street are still there. The dark piles in the field are manure ready to be spread and plowed in. The Busa brothers built the stone wall in the background separating Reeds farm and theirs. One of John's cold-frame and wind-break setups can be seen in the distance